Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescription or genotypeReference or source
    E2348/69Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O127:H6, produces α1 bundlin 7
    UMD901E2348/69 bfpA C129S 44
    RN587/1Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O157:H+, produces β6 bundlin 6
    UMD949RN587/1 bfpA C129SThis study
    RN410/1Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O119:H+, produces α3 bundlin 7
    RN191/1Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O111:H+, produces α2 bundlin 7
    B171Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O111:H+, produces α2 bundlin 18
    E56/54Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O128ab:H2, produces β4 bundlin 7
    012-050982Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O142:H+, produces β1 bundlin 7
    E851/71Wild-type EPEC strain, serotype O142:H6, produces β5 bundlin 7
    Z188-93Wild-type avian EPEC strain, serotype O110:H6, produces β2 bundlin 7
    CA89-4221Wild-type canine EPEC strain, serotype NT:H+, produces β3 bundlin 7
    BL21(AI) slyDFompT hsdSB (rB mB) gal dcm araB::T7RNAP-tetA ΔslyD::cat 13
    pRPA100 bfpA gene with native promoter cloned into low-copy-number vector pWKS30 3
    pXLW10pRPA100 with bfpA alpha-3 allele from strain RN410/1This study
    pXLW11pRPA100 with bfpA alpha-2 allele from strain RN191/1This study
    pXLW12pRPA100 with bfpA beta-4 allele from strain E56/54This study
    pXLW13pRPA100 with bfpA beta-1 allele from strain 012-050982This study
    pXLW14pRPA100 with bfpA beta-5 allele from strain E851/71This study
    pXLW15pRPA100 with bfpA beta-6 allele from strain RN587/1This study
    pXLW16pRPA100 with bfpA beta-2 allele from strain Z188-93This study
    pXLW17pRPA100 with bfpA beta-3 allele from strain CA89-4221This study
    pIL14AFA-1 afimbrial adhesin genes cloned in a pBR322 vector 23
    pPF301Expression vector for soluble α1 bundlin under control of T7 promoter 34
    pPF302Expression vector for soluble β6 bundlin under control of T7 promoterThis study
    pKENpUC derivative encoding eGFP 11
    pTR103pBluescript derivative with eGFP under control of consensus sigma-70 promoterThis study
    pDsRedRed fluorescent protein under control of lac promoter in pUC19 backboneClonetech