Table 2.

Early protective immunity in Listeria monocytogenes infection of immunodeficient mice

Mouse strain Priming doseNo. of deaths/total no. of miceMTD (days)
BALB/cByJPBS5/53.4 ± 0.9
BALB/cByJ105 EGD0/5
BALB/ 105EGD5/59.8 ± 3.8
BALB/c.scid 105EGD5/55.2 ± 2.5
C57BL/6NCRPBS5/54.4 ± 1.1
C57BL/6NCR105 EGD0/5
C57/Igh6 105EGD2/44.0 ± 0.0
C57/Tcrb/Tcrd 105EGD3/38.3 ± 3.8
  • a The indicated mice (groups of three to five) were primed i.d. on day 0 as indicated and challenged i.p. with 2.5 × 106 EGD bacteria on day 3; actual priming and challenge doses were confirmed by plate count at the time of inoculation. Mice were observed for morbidity and mortality through day 60. The MTD was determined in relationship to the day of i.p. challenge. This experiment is representative of three total experiments of similar design.