Table 3.

Relationship between MOI, persistence, and light output of B. bronchiseptica CBF2 in P388D1 cellsa

MOIMean RLU at h postinfection indicated
  • a Ten-milliliter suspensions of macrophages at 5 × 105/ml were infected at MOI (bacteria to macrophages) of 10:1, 100:1, 500:1, and 1,000:1. The RLU of the inocula were 11, 95, 350, and 780, respectively. Suspensions of 1-ml samples or, at an MOI of 10:1, 5-ml samples concentrated in 1 ml of RPMI were assayed by luminometry at the times shown. Individual flasks were used for each MOI and for each time point. Assays were done in duplicate.