Antibody titers against P. yoelii MSP119 induced by different oligomerization domainsa

Immunogen(s)Oligomerization domainFreund's adjuvantTiter with coated antigen
P. yoelii Msp119bMurine C4bpHuman C4bpChicken2 C4bpArchaeal Sm
IMX269None<100 (0)
IMX269 + IMX315Chicken2 C4bp<100 (0)
IMX269None+3,200 (7,390)
IMX272Archeal Sm12,800 (6,350)<100<100102,400
IMX180Human C4bp12,800 (13,418)<1006,400<100
IMX180Human C4bp+51,200 (51,731)
IMX108Murine C4bp25,600 (9,776)
IMX108Murine C4bp25,600 (9,776)3,200<100
IMX108Murine C4bp51,200 (28,637)3,200<100<100<100
IMX108Murine C4bp+102,400 (90,000)3,200<100<100<100
IMX314Chicken1 C4bp51,200 (29,560)
IMX262Chicken2 C4bp102,400 (0)<10012,800
IMX262Chicken2 C4bp102,400 (48,036)
IMX262Chicken2 C4bp102,400 (78,209)
IMX317Chicken2 C4bpΔ7102,400 (103,467)
IMX313Hybrid C4bpΔ7204,800 (0)
IMX313Hybrid C4bpΔ7204,800 (0)
  • a Groups of three BALB/c mice were immunized as described in Materials and Methods. Antibody titers were determined by ELISA in serum samples collected 2 weeks after the second immunization (week 6). Three different lots of IMX108 and IMX262 and two different lots of IMX313 were tested, and the results for each test are shown on a separate line. If there is no entry, no test was done.

  • b The values in parentheses are standard deviations.