Capsule-dependent response genes in the MAPK signaling pathways in pharyngeal epithelial Detroit 562 cells during pneumococcal adherence

LocusDescription and/or molecular functionFold changea in expression in response to:
WT D39D39ΔcpsWT G54G54ΔcpsWT TIGR4TIGR4Δcps
ADRB2β2-Adrenergic receptor; initiates activation of MAPKs ERK1 and ERK22.33.8
EGFREpidermal growth factor receptor3.02.4
DUSP1Dual-specificity phosphatase 1; inactivation of ERK2 by dephosphorylation2.71.612.12.0
DUSP2Inactivation of ERK1 and ERK22.34.9
DUSP4Inactivation of ERK1, ERK2, and JNK2.
DUSP5Inactivation of ERK13.
DUSP6Inactivation of ERK24.
GADD45ABActivation of MAPKKK activity (MEKK4 kinase)2.42.7
MAPKAPK2MAPK-activated protein kinase2.2
MAP3K8Induces production of NF-κB3.
NR4A1Nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member
TRIB1MAPKK1; activation of ERK1 and ERK22.
  • a Average change (n-fold) from three independent experiments; P < 0.05. −, not induced (<1.5-fold change).