Complement-mediated bactericidal titers of sera from mice immunized with PorA+ OMV vaccinesa

VaccineBactericidal activity with strainb:
H44/76 (P1.7,16)Cu385 (P1.19,15)M97-250687 (P1.19,15)NZ124/98 (P1.7,4)
P1.7,16 OMVs1,568<100<100<100
P1.19,15 OMVs<1001,082870<100
  • a The bactericidal activity is expressed as the reciprocal dilution of serum required to kill 50% of bacteria. The assay was performed with pooled sera from 10 mice per group.

  • b The PorA serosubtypes of the strains are indicated in parentheses.