Table 1.

Mortality in SW507-infected mice with or without SPE B in the air pouch

Expt no.InoculationMortality (no. dead/total)
Day 2Day 4Day 6
1aSW507 + saline0/120/120/12
SW507 + SPE B7/1814/1814/18
2bSW507 + saline0/60/60/6
SW507 + SPE B4/109/1010/10
SW507 + SPE B (heat inactivated)0/80/80/8
  • a BALB/c mice were inoculated in the air pouches with 4 × 108 CFU of A-20 speBmutant SW507, and 150 μl of purified SPE B (1 mg/ml) or an equivalent volume of saline was also inoculated into the air pouches, at both 0 and 3 h.

  • b In one group, SPE B was heat inactivated at 60°C for 20 to 30 min before inoculation into the air pouches.