Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this work

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype, phenotype, and/or characteristicsReference
S. typhimuriumχ4550SR-11 pStSR101+gyrA1816 Δcrp-1 ΔasdA1Δ(zhf-4::Tn10) Δcya-134
E. coli
 χ6212Asd DH5α derivative27
 DH1Host strain for pJY434738, 45
S. pneumoniae WU2Encapsulated type 3; virulent4
 pJY 4347Harbors 2.0-kb HindIII-KpnI fragment encoding the entire PspA+ (65 kDa)acloned into HindIII-KpnI sites of pJY431344, 45
 pYA 3148Asd+vector, high copy number (PUC-based Kmr)33
 pYA 3193Recombinant Asd+ vector harboring the C-terminally truncatedpspA gene (1.5 kb); specifies 55-kDa PspA proteinThis study
 pYA 232Low-copy-number (pSC101 ori) plasmid containinglacIq repressor gene; Tcr27
  • a The apparent molecular mass of a PspA monomer on SDS gels is 85 kDa.