Table 1.

N-terminal sequences and genomic identification of the purified proteins

ProteinN-terminal amino acid sequenceaCorresponding cosmid in the Sanger databaseTheoretical mol wt/pIbHomology to other proteinsc
CFP20AQITLRGNAINTVGEMTCY9F9.32c16,897/4.252% identity in 166-aa overlap to E. coli scavengease p20 (EC 93212), 52% identity in 166-aa overlap to E. coli thiol peroxidase (EC 33213), 51% identity in 166-aa overlap toHaemophilus influenzae ToxR regulon (HI32759)
CFP21DPXSDIAVVFARGTHMTCY39.35c18,657/4.633% identity in 193-aa overlap to fungal cutinase precursor (P41744)
CFP22TNSPLATATATLHTNMTCY10H4.08c18,517/6.890% identity in 185-aa overlap to M. leprae peptidyl-propylcis-trans isomerase (E235739)
CFP25AXPDAEVVFARGRFEMTCY339.08c19,665/4.943% identity in 217-aa overlap with CFP21, 32% identity in 190-aa overlap with cutinase (P41744)
  • a N-terminal sequences of the proteins found in culture filtrate. X, the amino acid could not be determined.

  • b Calculated from the deduced sequence of the mature protein.

  • c Only homologies of >30% identity are shown, except CFP20, for which only homologies of >50% identity are shown. aa, amino acid.

  • d NF, not found.

  • e NA, not applicable.