Body weight gain and lesion scores of chickens immunized with RASV strainsa

GroupPrimary immunization (wk 1)Secondary immunization (wk 2)Oocyst challengeb (wk 5)Weight gain (g)c,d (wk 6)Lesion scored,e (wk 6)
2BSGBSGYes129 C2.1 A
3pYA3653pYA3653Yes130 C1.7 ABC
4pYA3657 (EASZ240)pYA3731 (EASZ240)Yes135 BC1.4 C
5pYA3658 (EAMZ250)pYA3658 (EAMZ250)Yes147 AB1.5 C
6pYA3657 (EASZ240) pYA3658 (EAMZ250)pYA3731 (EASZ240) pYA3658 (EAMZ250)Yes142 BC2.0 AB
  • a Chickens were immunized with RASV strain χ8879 (ΔsptP1033::xylE ΔasdA16 ΔphoP233) harboring plasmid pYA3653, pYA3657, or pYA3658 or with RASV strain χ8916 (ΔphoP233 ΔasdA16) harboring plasmid pYA3731.

  • b Chickens in groups 2 to 6 were inoculated with 105 E. acervulina oocysts.

  • c Right before the oocyst challenge and on day 6 after challenge infection, body weights were recorded and weight gain was calculated.

  • d Values followed by the same capital letter are not significantly different (P < 0.05).

  • e Intestinal lesion scores were obtained using standard procedures.