Infectivities of noninfectious and lp28-1+ attenuated mutantsa

Strain and inoculumNo. of tissue samples infected/no. testedNo. of mice infected/no. testedNo. of mice reactive/no. testedc
EarBladderHeartJointAll sitesb
5A18 NP1 (parental strain)
    Single mouse (104)1/11/11/11/14/41/11/1
MG001 (insertion site ND; no plasmids lost)
    Single mouse (104)0/10/10/10/10/40/11/1
MG002 (guaB; cp9 cp32-3)
    Single mouse (104)0/10/10/10/10/40/10/1
MG024 (fliG-1; no plasmids lost)
    Single mouse (104)0/10/10/10/10/40/10/1
MG009 (BB0743; cp9)
    Single mouse (104)0/11/11/11/13/41/11/1
MG013 (insertion site ND; cp9)
    Single mouse (104)0/11/10/11/12/41/11/1
MG014 (mutS; cp9, cp32-6)
    Single mouse (104)0/11/11/11/13/41/11/1
MG019 (BBC08; lp38)
    Single mouse (104)0/10/11/11/12/41/11/1
  • a Transposon insertion sites and plasmids missing (in addition to lp28-4 and lp56, which are absent in the parental strain 5A18 NP1) are indicated for each clone. Single mouse, results from single mouse inoculation study (see Table 1). ND, not determined.

  • b χ2 analysis found the combined 104 and 106 inoculum data for each of the mutants to be statistically different from those for the 5A18 NP1 control (P < 0.05).

  • c Reactive mice are those for which a significant serological response was demonstrated in a VlsE ELISA.