Comparison of plaque formations by the L. monocytogenes gene disruption mutants

StrainAssociated gene designation or descriptionPlaque size (% of wild type)a
NF-L100Wild type100 ± 9.9
NF-L1239lmo0135i100.5 ± 7.6
NF-L1239tcsAi95.4 ± 10.6
NF-L1239lmo2219i86.3 ± 5.6***
NF-L1239lmo2417i99.6 ± 6.0
  • a Plaque sizes (±standard deviations) of L2 fibroblasts infected with insertion mutants. The mean plaque size of the wild-type strain was defined as 100%. The data shown here are representative of results of two independent experiments. For statistical analysis, all strains were compared against the wild-type strain NF-L100 by use of unpaired t tests with two tails and were calculated using GraphPad InStat, version 3.06 (San Diego, CA). ***, P < 0.001.