Summary of Western blotting data for residues involved in MAb epitopes

Immunogen group and MAbcReactive residue(s)aNonreactive strainNonreactive residue(s)Evidenceb
v.1, strain MC58
    JAR 3G121M6190R121KO, KI
    JAR 5G121M6190R121KO, KI
v.2, strain 2996
    JAR 10K180 and E192M1239R180 or D192KO, KI
    JAR 11A174M1239K174KO
    JAR 13S216RM1090G216KO, KI
v.3, strain M1239
    JAR 32K1748047A174KO, KI
    JAR 33R180 and E1928047K180 or D192KO, KI
    JAR 35K1748047A174KO, KI
  • a Reactive residue in fHbp from the strain used as the source for immunization.

  • b KO indicates that the KO mutation abolished reactivity in the wild-type protein, and KI indicates that the KI mutation restored reactivity in the non-reactive wild-type protein.

  • c By ELISA, JAR 3 inhibited the binding of JAR 5 and JAR 5 inhibited the binding of JAR 3. JAR 32 inhibited the binding of JAR 35 (but not vice versa), and JAR 13 inhibited the binding of JAR 10 (Fig. 6).