Table 3.

Findings in CDCD piglets at 18 h after inoculation with an eae+ [86-24 or 86-24eaeΔ10(pEB310)] or an eae mutant (86-24eaeΔ10) EHEC strain or nonpathogenic E. coli 123

Inoculated strainNo. of piglets testedNo. with colonic edemaNo. with A/E bac- teriaMean log10 CFU ± SD of E. coli O157:H7/g of tissue in:
86-24222a6.9 ± 0.55.9 ± 0.3
86-24eaeΔ103007.1 + 0.85.5 + 0.6
86-24eaeΔ10 (pEB310)333b5.6 ± 1.45.5 ± 1.0
  • a A/E bacteria found only in the cecum.

  • b A/E bacteria found in the cecum (three of three) and the ileum (one of three).

  • c ND, not determined.