Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain, plasmid, or cosmidCharacteristicsReference and/ or source
E. coli
  DH5αF80dlacZΔ(lacZYA-argF)U169 endA1 recA1 hsdR17 (r K m K + ) deoR thi-1 supE44 λgyrA96 relA1
  Sφ874F trp lacZ strA thi upp ΔsbcB-rfb C. Whitfield (36)
  AB1133K-12; thr-1 leuB6gpt-proA)66 hisG4 argE3 thi-1 rfbD1 lacY ara-14 galK2 xyl-5 mtl-1 mgl-51 rpsL31 kdgK51 supE44 P. Rick (42)
  21548AB1133;rfe::Tn10 Tcr P. Rick (42)
  LO6E6II E. colilibrary clone of OG1RF 57
  TX5159DH5α(pTEX5159)Formerly called BO4B6I (57)
  TX5169Sφ874(pTEX5159)This study
E. faecalis
  OG1RF 35
  TX52Clinical isolate from a patient with endocarditis 57
Plasmids and cosmids
 pBeloBAC11Cosmid vector, F′ replicon, Cmr H. Shizuya (57)
 pBluescript SK (−)High-copy-number cloning vector derived from pUC19, Apr Stratagene
 pTEX5159pBeloBAC11 with a 43-kb insert from OG1RF which contains a gene cluster for polysaccharide biosynthesis 57
 pTEX5159A-UpTEX5159::Tn7 CmrKmr This study
 pTEX51753,195-bpEcoRI-HindIII fragment of pTEX5159 subcloned in pBluescript SK (−), Apr This study