Table 2.

ORFs identified by nucleotide sequencing of a PAI ofE. coli CFT073

ORFaCoordinatesbHomologDescription of product encodedcProbabilitydAccession no. of homolog
L185–1155 dadX Alanine racemase1.3e−254 P29012
L22822–1212 Cf536536-aa ORF product of E. coli 0.0 AE000217
L33957–3043 Cf304304-aa ORF product of E. coli 3.3e−216 AE000217
L44165–4668o241241-aa ORF product of E. coli 4.8e−113 AE000217
L57879–5909 C prrA TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor0.0 U85771
L68762–7905 C modD Molybdenum transport protein1.2e−200 U85771
L79571–8759 C orf2 Similar to H. influenzae yc73 protein1.6e−112 U85771
L810203–9705 C fepC Ferric enterobactin transport ATP-binding protein1.5e−31 F64113
Gap GL (∼2 kb)
 f156912502–160561,569-aa ORF product ofE. coli ECAE000350
 o10916749–16420 C109-aa ORF product of E. coli ECAE000349
 o10517087–16770 C105-aa ORF product of E. coli ECAE000349
 o16017816–17334 C160-aa ORF product of E. coli ECAE000349
 o15218283–17825 C152-aa ORF product of E. coli ECAE000349
 o56720882–19181 C567-aa ORF product of E. coli ECAE000349
Gap LH (∼1 kb)
hlyC 21357–21869Chromosomal hemolysin C M10133
hlyA 21881–24952Chromosomal hemolysin A M10133
hlyB 25023–27146Chromosomal hemolysin B M10133
hlyD 27165–28601Chromosomal hemolysin D2.7e−285 Y13891
 HP129731–28913 CIS600 hypothetical 31-kDa protein7.0e−195 P16940
 HP230069–29767 CIS600 hypothetical 11-kDa protein2.1e−60 P16939
 HP330172–30462Unknown protein of plasmid Ti2.1e−07 M25805
 HP430547–30894Hypothetical 15.6-kDa protein7.7e−42 P50359
Gap HP (∼1 kb)
papG 34008–33001 CP-pilus F13 tip protein X61239
 papF 34555–34052 CP-pilus F13 tip protein X61239
 papE 35151–34630 CP-pilus F13 tip protein X61239
 papK 35709–35176 CP-pilus F13 tip protein X61239
 papJ 36300–35719 CP-pilus F13 X61239
 papD 37053–36337 CP-pilus F13 X61239
 papC 39649–37139 CP-pilus F13 X61239
 papH 40295–39708 CP-pilus F13 X61239
 papA 40925–40359 CP-pilus F13 X61239
 papB 41446–41132 CP-pilus F13 X61239
 papI P-pilus F13 X61239
R1543029–42643 CPutative transposase of E. coli 1.6e−73 U06468
R1443529–43174 CTransposase (IS629)8.6e−74 P16942
R1343855–43529 C12.7-kDa protein of E. coli 3.1e−51 U06468
R1245171–44695 CTransposase (ISAE1)3.4e−06 A47041
R1145575–45887Possible precursor polypeptide0.88 X00729
R1045884–46144Hypothetical 8.6-kDa protein indinG/rarB 3′ region6.2e−06 P41038
R946789–47217f200200-aa ORF product of E. coli 3.0e−08 AE000137
R847771–47503 CNeurotensin receptor0.32 P30989
R748288–48534Maltopentaose-forming amylase0.038 D10769
R649286–50752Transposase ofChelatobacter heintzii 3.7e−06 L49438
R550914–51501 orfB Hypothetical protein B ofBacillus 1.1e−46 S23889
R454177–52168 CExogenous ferric siderophore receptor2.2e−162 U56084
Gap GR (<1 kb)
 R356231–55869 Cβ-Cystathionase7.1e−100 U65013
 R257811–56231 C malX Phosphotransferase system maltose- and glucosespecific IIabc component3.5e−155 P19642
 R158724–57843 C sacpa operon antiterminator2.6e−53 P26212
 f44760267–58885 C
  • a For positions of ORFs, see Fig. 1.

  • b Base pair number beginning at left junction of PAI; C indicates that ORF is found on the complementary strand.

  • c Description of the best homolog. aa, amino acid.

  • d Probability value (P) of <0.05 is considered significant.