Table 2.

RIP-based detection of the binding of soluble HxuA to heme-hemopexin complexes

Source of soluble CS proteins125I-heme-hemopexin immuno- precipitated (cpm) by:
Antiserum to CS proteinsaControl serumb
Hib DL42206,89221,892
Hib DL42.107d15,20821,880
E. coliRR1(pBR322)7,90620,306
E. coliRR1(pHX1-6)177,31219,766
  • a Rat antiserum raised against soluble CS proteins from Hib strain DL26 (16). The HxuA proteins expressed by Hib strains DL26 and DL42 are antigenically cross-reactive.

  • b Control serum from unimmunized rats.