Table 1.

Survival period of wild-type, IL-12p35−/−, IL-12p40−/−, and IL-4−/− mice infected withC. neoformansa

MiceNo. of exptsNo. of miceSurvival periodbPvaluec
IL-12p35−/− 53832d <0.0001
IL-12p40−/− 53826d <0.0001
IL-4−/− 17>100e NAf
17>77e NA
  • a Mice were infected by i.v. injection of 104 CFU of C. neoformans.

  • b Median survival period (days).

  • c Statistical significance of the difference in the survival periods of mutant versus wild-type mice by the Mann-Whitney rank sum test.

  • d Significantly different survival periods between IL-12p35−/− and IL-12p40−/−mice (P < 0.0001) by the Mann-Whitney rank sum test.

  • e Period of experiment (days).

  • f NA, not applicable.