Table 2.

Expression of apyrase activity by EIEC andS. flexneri strains

StrainRelevant genotypeApyrase activitya at:Ratio of apyrase activity (37°C/30°C)
HN280Wild-type EIEC0.1460.9256.3
HN680Δhns 0.6650.9461.4
HN280-3ΔvirF 0.0340.0421.2
HN280-3(pMYSH6504)ΔvirFpvirF 0.1230.7546.1
HN280-8ΔvirF 0.0720.1452.0
HN280-8(pMYSH6504)ΔvirFpvirF 0.1870.6913.7
HN280-16ΔvirB 0.0220.0281.3
HN280-16(pBN1)ΔvirBpvirB 0.1130.6545.8
HN280-35ΔvirB 0.0160.0362.2
HN280-35(pBN1)ΔvirBpvirB 0.0860.8069.4
HN280/32 apy(chromosome)0.0900.2382.6
HN680/32Δhns 0.7180.7961.1
SFZM53Wild-type S. flexneri serotype 40.1440.7365.1
SFZM53-1Δ(virF phoN-Sf)0.0260.1124.3
SFZM53-1(pMYSH6504)Δ(virF phoN-Sf) pvirF 0.0951.16812.3
SFZM53-15ΔvirB 0.0340.0521.5
SFZM53-15(pBN1)ΔvirBpvirB 0.1030.8518.3
M90TWild-typeS. flexneri serotype 50.1340.6655.0
BS176pINV curedNDND
454Wild-type S. flexneri serotype 2a0.0530.69213.0
  • a Expressed as AU obtained by scanning of developed zymograms as described in Materials and Methods. Results are averages for at least four independent experiments. Standard errors were less than 15%. ND, not detectable.