Table 3.

Phenotypes of Vps strains

StrainPhenotypeIcsA localizationaIntracellular septationbColony morphologycSDS sensitivitydSerum sensitivityeCarbenicillin MIC (μg/ml)Antibiotic and dye sensitivityfLPS structureg
SA100Wild typePolarWTSR0.5120WTWT
SA5122VpsC PolarWTWS0.7620WTWT
SA5122(pMQA)VpsC+ PolarWTSR NDh 20NDND
  • a Cells were observed by microscopy after indirect immunofluorescence labeling with anti-IcsA antiserum. Polar, the strain displayed equivalent amounts of IcsA as the wild-type strain did at one pole of each cell.

  • b WT, wild-type Shigella cell morphology and septation during growth within Henle cells.

  • c S, smooth and glossy; W, wrinkled, rough.

  • d R, the A 550 in the presence of SDS was ≥75% of the A 550 in the absence of SDS; S, the A 550 was reduced by more than 25% after 1 h of incubation.

  • e Serum sensitivity expressed as log10 kill = (log10 CFU per ml after 2 h in the absence of serum) − (log10 CFU per ml after 2 h in the presence of 10% normal human serum) (21).

  • f Sensitivities to gentamicin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, and crystal violet were compared to those of the wild type.

  • g WT, wild-type amount and chain length distribution of LPS.

  • h ND, not determined.