Table 1.

Plasmids constructed and used in this study

Plasmid(s)DescriptionaSource or reference
pJRD215Wide-host range cosmid vector, Kmr SmrMob+ 7
pJRD/ET3.8-kbEcoRI fragment of R751::*Ω4 (47) containingtetX and ermF genes inserted into pJRD215, Kmr Smr Tcr (EmrRep in P. gingivalis)This study
R751IncP plasmid used to mobilize suicide plasmids fromE. coli to P. gingivalis 33277, TprTra+ 48
pCR/KGP and pCR/RGP1.5-kb PCR-amplified fragments corresponding to the catalytic domain-coding regions of kgp and rgp, respectively, inserted into pCR II (Invitrogen), Kmr This study
pJRD/ET/KGP and pJRD/ET/RGP1.5-kbXbaI-BamHI fragments containing the catalytic domains of kgp and rgp, respectively, cloned into pJRD/ETThis study
  • a Abbreviations for plasmids: Emr, erythromycin resistance; Kmr, kanamycin resistance; Mob+, can be mobilized; Rep, incapable of replication; Smr, streptomycin resistance; Tpr, trimethoprim resistance; Tra+, capable of self-transfer.