Table 1.

Effect of IL-12 neutralization on the expression of hypersusceptibility to LPS seen in mice infected with Salmonellaa

Mouse groupNo. of survivors/total no. after LPS dose of:
100 μg50 μg25 μg
Normal5/5NDb ND
NRG treated0/50/51/5
Anti-IL-12 treated5/55/55/5
  • a BALB/c mice were infected withS. typhimurium SL3261 as for the experiment in Fig. 1. On day 10, groups of five mice treated with NRG and five mice treated with anti-IL-12 antibodies received a single subcutaneous injection (in the footpad) with decreasing doses of LPS (ranging between 100 and 25 μg per mouse). Normal uninfected mice were also included.

  • b ND, not done.