Table 3.

Cross-protection of CBA/N mice immunized with recombinant PspA/EF5668a

Challenge strainMedian no. of days to death of miceNo. of mice that lived:no. of mice that diedP valueb for PspA+ mice vs PspA mice
NameCapsular serotypePspA serotypePspA+PspAPspA+PspA
  • a Mice were immunized with two injections of 5 μg of rPspA/EF5668 or a comparable volume of material prepared from JY4163, which contains the vector but no pspA insert.

  • b P values were calculated for day-of-death data obtained with mice separately infected with each challenge strain by using the Wilcoxon two-sample rank sum test to compare time to death values of immunized mice with those of mice given adjuvant and diluent but no antigen.