Flagellar and motility genes upregulated in CFT073 ΔpapX

GeneAnnotationFold change in CFT073 ΔpapXa
flhD Flagellar transcriptional activator1.74
flhC Flagellar transcriptional activator1.96
fliL Flagellar biosynthesis protein1.8
fliE Flagellar hook-basal body complex protein2.16
flgB Flagellar basal body rod protein1.78
flgC Flagellar basal body rod protein1.49
flgE Flagellar hook protein1.64
flgF Flagellar basal body rod protein1.79
flgG Flagellar basal body rod protein1.64
flgH Flagellar L-ring protein precursor1.79
flgI Flagellar P-ring protein precursor2.04
fliA RNA polymerase sigma factor (σ28)1.52
flgA Flagellar basal body P-ring formation protein1.59
aer Aerotaxis receptor2.55
yhjH EAL domain-containing protein involved in flagellar function1.97
  • a Compared to expression levels in wild-type CFT073. P < 0.005.