Table 1.

Synovitis, M. synoviae isolation, and synovial fluid antibodies in chickens after intrajoint inoculation with different cultures of M. synoviae AAY-4 and/or CsA

Expt no.GroupJointInoculation with:Acute synovitis examinationcM. synoviae isolationdAntibody detection (no. positive/no. examined)e
M. synoviae phenotypeaCFU (106)CsAbNo. of samplesMean lesion scoreMean vol of syn. fluid (ml)Positive (n)Mean counts (103CFU/ml)
1ARightHA+ 30No1092.8 NDf 7NDND
Leftj No1000.0ND0NDND
BRightHA 30No1010.5ND5NDND
CNonei 2000.0ND0NDND
2ARightHA+ 28No1072.40.4361.77/7
LeftHA+ 28Yes1010.30.1361.45/7h
BRightHA 31No1010.40.1551.07/7
LeftHA 31Yes1000.10.1030.96/7h
CNonei 2000.0<0.1000.00/10
3ARightHA+ 1.1No1092.80.4881.910/10
LeftHA+ 1.1Yes1000.20.1271.16/10h
BRightHA+ 1.1No1092.70.5572.510/10
LeftHA+ 1.1Nog 1092.80.583.210/10
DNonei 2000.0<0.1000.00/20
  • a HA+ clones P1, P2, and P3 were used in experiments 1, 2, and 3, respectively. In addition, HA clones N1 and N2 were used in experiments 1 and 2, respectively.

  • b In experiment 2 the left joints of five chickens (groups A and B) were inoculated with 1 mg of CsA once, while in five other birds the left joints were inoculated with 1 mg of CsA three times at 2-day intervals. In experiment 3 joints were inoculated with 1 mg of CsA three times at 2-day intervals.

  • c Observed from 1 to 2 weeks p.i. Hock joint lesions (swelling, edema) were macroscopically scored from 0 to 3, and a score of 2 or higher was considered positive, as described elsewhere (23). syn., synovial.

  • d Twenty microliters of the synovial fluid from joints was plated on agar plates at 2 or 3 weeks p.i.

  • e Specific antibodies in the synovial fluid samples were detected by IIPA using native M. synoviaecolonies on agar blocks as antigen (see reference3). Detection of specific IgG in samples diluted 1:100 is shown.

  • f ND; not determined.

  • g Inoculated with 0.2 ml of a vehicle for CsA (castor oil and ethanol were diluted in PBS [pH 7.4] to an appropriate concentration).

  • h Specific IgG was not detected in joints which were treated with CsA three times.

  • i Uninoculated control.

  • j —, uninoculated.