Table 1.

Estimation of anti-GBS type III and PN-14 PS IgG antibody concentrations in sera from GBS type III-immunized adults with different coating antigens in ELISA

SerumConcn of anti-GBS type III IgG by ELISA (μg/ml)aAssigned value (μg/ml)Concn of antibody to PN-14 (μg/ml)
Free PSPS with mHSAPS-biotin conjugatePS-HSA conjugate
00442.046.558.557.151.2b 9.9
00694.591.4101.3131.1111.4b 10.2
SHRS-III31.033.381.083.083.5c 41.0
  • a Arithmetic mean of two to four assays.

  • b From Fischer et al. (14).

  • c From Guttormsen et al. (16).