Table 2.

sar promoter activity as assayed by XylE assays, Northern analysis, and fluorescence spectroscopy

PromoterXyE activityaNorthern blottingbEmission fluorescencec
  • a XylE activity was determined by an enzymatic assay with catechol 2,3-dioxygenase (20) in RN6390-derived clones containing the recombinant transcriptional vector pLC4 in which the respective sar promoters were cloned upstream of the xylE reporter gene. The results are given as milliunits per milligram of cellular proteins (late-log-phase cells).

  • b Band intensities of the gfptranscript at late log phase on Northern blots were quantitated by densitometric scanning with SigmaGel software (Jandel Scientific) and are presented as integrated area units.

  • c For emission fluorescence, cell lysates (20 μg each) containing GFPUV were excited at 395 nm, and the emission fluorescence was measured at 515 nm. The data are presented as fluorescence units compared to the standard curve. The control is the vector pALC1434 alone without any promoter.