Table 2.

Hypothetical genes with unknown function identified by STM

StrainGeneaSimilar tob (source and/or product)% Amino acid identity (homology)Notes, Prosite motif(s)Septicemiac
SPN-1031yejD(Escherichia coli)40 (63)Unknown function Motif: PS01149, hypothetical YciL/YejD/YjbC  family signatureHigh
SPN-1101ykrA(Bacillus subtilis)40 (57)Unknown functionMedium
SPN-1119PHBQ002 (Pyrococcus horikoshii)30 (48)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-113TPTC (Streptococcus crista, ABC protein)34 (59)Hypothetical ABC transporter Motifs: PS00017, ATP/GTP binding site motif A  (P-loop); PS00211, ABC transporter family  signatureHigh
SPN-1145MTCY21C12.02 (Mycobacterium tuberculosis, putative cation-transporting ATPase)34 (54)Hypothetical cation-transporting ATPase Motif: PS00154, E1-E2 ATPase phosphorylation  siteHigh
SPN-1200Dictyostelium discoideumα-l-fucosidase precursor26 (49)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-1338No homologyUnknown function Motif: PS00343, gram-positive coccus surface  protein-anchoring hexapeptideMedium
SPN-1471iga (Streptococcus sanguis)40 (60)Hypothetical IgA1 protease (different from the IgA1 protease identified in Streptococcus pneumoniae) Motif: PS00142 zinc proteaseHigh
SPN-1583yqeT (B. subtilis, probable methyltransferase)42 (59)Unknown functionMedium
SPN-162No homologyUnknown functionLow
SPN-1631ydeG (Schizosaccharomyces pombe)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-1808BB0831 (Borrelia burgdorferi, xylose operon regulatory protein)30 (49)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-1818ydhP (B. subtilis)58 (75)Hypothetical β-glucosidase Motifs: PS00548, ribosomal protein S3 signature  1; PS00449, ATPase A signatureND
SPN-224yidA (E. coli)48 (69)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-627ydiL(B. subtilis)31 (64)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-631ypsA (B. subtilis)39 (56)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-633ypoAUnknown functionHigh
SPN-636radA (B. subtilis, possible DNA repair protein)65 (82)Hypothetical DNA repair protein (by homology) ND
Motif: PS00017, ATP/GTP binding site motif A (P-loop)
SPN-655ORF8(Enterococcus faecalis)45 (63)Unknown functionMedium
SPN-233ybhL (E. coli, hypothetical membrane protein)41 (60)Unknown functionHigh
SPN-634No homologyThe insertion is located in an intergenic region close to regulatory sequences BoxA and BoxBHigh
SPN-641yitS (B. subtilis)27 (48)Unknown functionMedium
SPN-962N5,N10 -Methylenetetrahydromethanopterin reductase gene (Staphylococcus carnosus)54 (75)Hypothetical N5,N10 -methyltetrahydromethanoterin reductase (by homology)High
SPN-1297pstB(Methanococcus jannaschii, hypothetical ABC transporter)58 (80)Hypothetical ABC transporter (by homology)High
Motifs: PS00017, ATP/GTP binding site motif A (P-loop); PS00211 ABC transporter family signature
  • a Gene already identified inS. pneumoniae.

  • b Determined obtained by comparison of sequences and coding regions with the EMBL, GenBank DNA and SWISS-PROT databases. BLAST, BLASTX, and FASTA network services were used.

  • c For definitions of high, medium, and low, see Materials and Methods. ND, not determined.