Effect of hns deletion on the expression of LEE5-lacZ fusionsa

Relevant genotypebPlasmidβ-Galactosidase activityc
MC4100 ΦTIR3-lacZ61 (3)
MC4100 ΦTIR3-lacZpBR32264 (3)
MC4100 ΦTIR3-lacZpSE1100 (ler+)307 (36)
MC4100 ΦTIR3-lacZpTHK113 (hns+)48 (6)
HN4104 ΦTIR3-lacZhns)225 (15)
HN4104 ΦTIR3-lacZhns)pBR322252 (23)
HN4104 ΦTIR3-lacZhns)pSE1100 (ler+)2,074 (79)
HN4104 ΦTIR3-lacZhns)pTHK113 (hns+)67 (12)
MC4100 ΦTIR4-lacZ77 (4)
MC4100 ΦTIR4-lacZpBR32260 (5)
MC4100 ΦTIR4-lacZpSE1100 (ler+)581 (52)
MC4100 ΦTIR4-lacZpTHK113 (hns+)39 (6)
HN4104 ΦTIR4-lacZhns)243 (14)
HN4104 ΦTIR4-lacZhns)pBR322318 (20)
HN4104 ΦTIR4-lacZhns)pSEI100 (ler+)1,566 (41)
HN4104 ΦTIR4-lacZhns)pTHK113 (hns+)96 (21)
MC4100 ΦTIR5-lacZ1,405 (307)
MC4100 ΦTIR5-lacZpBR3222,319 (91)
MC4100 ΦTIR5-lacZpSE1100 (ler+)1,432 (111)
MC4100 ΦTIR5-lacZpTHK113 (hns+)1,188 (37)
HN4104 ΦTIR5-lacZhns)1,850 (498)
HN4104 ΦTIR5-lacZhns)pBR3222,176 (124)
HN4104 ΦTIR5-lacZhns)pSE1100 (ler+)2,040 (69)
HN4104 ΦTIR5-lacZhns)pTHK113 (hns+)1,520 (151)
  • a Overnight cultures of each strain were diluted 1:500 into fresh Luria-Bertani medium containing the appropriate antibiotics. Strains were grown to an optical density at 600 nm of 0.3 to 0.5 and assayed as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Strain genotypes are shown in Table 1.

  • c β-Galactosidase activity is expressed in Miller units, and the standard error is indicated in parentheses. Assays were performed in triplicate with at least two independent cultures.