Bacterial strains used in the study

P. aeruginosa strainRelevant characteristicsSource (reference)
PAO-ILaboratory strain, wild typeS. M. J. Fleiszig
PAKLaboratory strain, wild typeS. Lory
PAKΔpilAPAKΔpilArif1; prototrophic PAK strain, rifampin resistant, deletion of the pilA structural gene, export competentS. Lory (34)
PAKΔpilAΔallPAKΔpilAΔxcpP-Z; derivative of PAKΔpilArif1, deletion of the pilA structural gene and of xcpP-Z sequences, export deficientS. Lory (34)
PAKpcrD::SmrType III secretion-deficient mutantJ. Heesemann (31)