Numbers of TUNEL-positive cells per 10 colonic crypts in different mouse strainsa

StrainNo. of TUNEL-positive cells/ 10 colonic crypts at day:
NIH Swiss<1<1<1
C3H/HeJ<14.6 ± 1.1b16.4 ± 3.3b
C3H/HeOuJ<13.7 ± 1.3b13.1 ± 2.1b
C3H/HeN<11.4 ± 0.3b4.5 ± 0.6bc
SCID (C3H/HeJ)<1<12.4 ± 0.9b,c
  • a C. rodentium infection resulted in a time-dependent increase in the number of TUNEL-positively staining cells at the base of colonic crypts in susceptible mice only. Values represent the mean number of TUNEL-positive cells per 10 colonic crypts ± 1 SEM from three independent experiments, each with groups of four to five mice.

  • b Significantly elevated over values from uninfected mice of the same strain (P < 0.05).

  • c Significantly lower value than that for C3H/HeJ mice at the same time point (P < 0.05).