Rate of killing of A. fumigatus conidia by AM from outbred mice in the presence or absence of NADPH oxidase inhibitors and by AM from p47phox−/− mice

Mouse strain and condition% Killinga
    Infection in vitro (swollen conidia)
        control62 ± 5
        DPI13 ± 5*
        PAO36 ± 4*
    Infection in vitro (swollen conidia)
        p47phox+/+31 ± 1
        p47phox−/−4 ± 1*
    Infection in vivo (resting conidia)
        p47phox+/+75 ± 6
        p47phox−/−10 ± 1*
  • a Conditions for killing experiments were a 6-h infection in vitro (ratio of AM to swollen conidia, 10:1) and a 24-h infection in vivo with 105 conidia. *, P < 0.01 for comparison of infected AM with NADPH oxidase inhibitors against infected AM without NADPH inhibitors and for comparison of p47phox−/− against p47phox+/+ mice.