PCR analysis of PAI O#122 in AEEC strains

E. coliSerogroup (intimin type)No. of strains with the indicated PCR profilePCR amplification (+) or no amplification (−) of:
ORF Z4326aEfa1-5′bEfa1-3′cEfa1- Z4326dEspF- Efa1e
EHECO26 (β)1+NDf
O26 (β)1+++
O26 (β)4+++++
O26 (β)6++++
O45 (β)1++++
O45 (ε)1++++
O86 (γ)1+ND
O103 (ε)3++++
O111 (γ2)1+++
O111 (γ2)1+++
O111 (γ2)5++++
O111 (γ2)1+++++
O118 (β)2++++
O118 (β)1+++++
O121 (ε)1++++
O123 (β)1++++
O145 (γ1)2+++
O145 (γ1)2+++++g
O157 (γ1)23h+++
EPECO26 (β)4+++++
O26 (β)2++++
O26 (β)2++++
O26 (β)1+++
O45 (β)1++++
O55 (γ)2++++
O55 (γ)2+++
O55 (α)2+++
O103 (β)2++++
O111 (β)2++++
O111 (β)1+++++
O114 (β)1+++++
O125 (α)2+ND
O127 (γ)3+ND
O127 (α)1+++
O127 (α)1i+++++
O128 (β)1+ND
O128 (γ)2+ND
O128 (β)1++++
O128 (β)1++++
ND (β)1+++++
ND (α)1+++++
ND (β)1++++
  • a E in Fig. 1.

  • b 5′ Region of efa1/lifA (D in Fig. 1).

  • c 3′ Region of efa1/lifA (C in Fig. 1).

  • d Linking region between the 5′ region of efa1/lifA and ORF Z4326 (B in Fig. 1).

  • e Linking region between the LEE and PAI O#122 (A in Fig. 1).

  • f ND, not determined.

  • g The amplicon size was 4.5 kb.

  • h Including reference strain EDL 933.

  • i Reference strain E2348/69.