Strain-dependent differences in σB activity

StrainRelevant genotypeaσB activityb
MB33BB25534.0 ± 3.00
MB49BB255 rsbU+V+W+ sigB+301.3 ± 23.8
MB90BB255 ΔrsbUVWsigB0.62 ± 0.10
MB138BB255 rsbW71,084.0 ± 46.5
MB258LS1 rsbU+V+W+ sigB+256.6 ± 17.2
MB259LS1 ΔrsbUVWsigB0.31 ± 0.14
  • a Detailed relevant genotypes and phenotypes are listed in Table 1.

  • b σB transcriptional activity (relative light units) was determined from cells grown to an optical density at 600 nm of 1.5 by measuring the luciferase activity of Luc+, the product of the luc+ reporter gene fused to the σB-dependent promoters of asp23. The values shown are the results of four independent assays.