Strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotype and phenotypeaReference(s) or source
BB255Laboratory stock of NCTC8325, rsbU2
MB33BB255 asp23+ asp23p::pECasp23p-luc+ Emr13
IK181BB255 (ΔrsbUVWsigB)::erm(B) Emr16
MB61RN4220 asp23+ asp23p::pBTasp23p-luc+ Tcr13
MB90IK181 asp23+ asp23p::pBTasp23p-luc+ Tcr Emr13
GP268BB255 (rsbU+V+W+sigB+)-tetL Tcr13
MB49GP268 asp23+ asp23+ asp23p::pECasp23p-luc+ Emr Tcr13
MB138MB33 rsbW7 Emr3
MB258LS-1-asp23+ asp23p::pBTasp23p-luc+ TcrThis study
BB1591LS-1 (ΔrsbUVWsigB)::erm(B) EmrThis study
MB259BB1591 asp23+ asp23p::pBTasp23p-luc+ Tcr EmrThis study
  • a asp23 is the gene for the 23-kDa alkaline shock protein of S. aureus.