Bacterial strains

StrainGenotype and featuresReference or source
L. pneumophila strains
    25DIcm avirulent mutant 23
    GS3001JR32 icmS3001::Kan 51
    GS3003JR32 icmO3003::Kan 51
    GS3011JR32 icmT3011::Kan 54
    GS3013JR32 icmQ3013::KanThis study
    GS3014JR32 icmP3014 (in-frame nonpolar deletion)This study
    GS3017JR32 icmJ3017 (in-frame nonpolar deletion)This study
    GY141JR32 icmW141 (in-frame nonpolar deletion)This study
    JR32Homogeneous salt-sensitive isolate of AM511 49
    LELA3393JR32 icmB3393::Tn903dIIlacZ 49
    LELA3993JR32 icmX3993::Tn903dIIlacZ 49
E. coli strains
    IO-7012D trp his metE ilv cyaA 6
    MC1022 araD139 Δ(ara leu)7697 Δ(lacZ)M15 galU galK strA 7
    SY327λpir(lac pro) argE(Am) rif nalA recA56 pir 13