Seroreactive proteins identified by MALDI-TOF-MS in the B. anthracis membranal fraction

Spot no.aProtein nameDraft genome ORF no.cFunctiond
1-15, 21-27EA1b3S-layer protein
16-20Sap2S-layer protein
28-30DhasAldehyde dehydrogenase (BA3609, gi|21401476)
31MmgE/PrpDMethylcitrate dehydratase (BA2349, gi|21400220)
34-36AhpC82Hydroxyperoxide reductase
3219Novel SLH protein-amidase_2
33GlpXFructose 1-6 biphosphatase classII (BA5576, gi|21397809e)
37, 388Novel SLH protein-unknown function
  • a Spot numbers are as marked in the gels shown in Fig. 2.

  • b Protein EA1 appears in multiple isoelectric forms as well as in several molecular weight variants. All forms share the same N-terminal amino acid sequence.

  • c Draft genome ORF numbers are as in Table 1.

  • d All functions are noted based on our draft genome annotation. For proteins that were not pre-selected by the bioinformatic approach (Table 1), we provide both TIGR's identification number and A2102 strain gi number.

  • e Appears as a truncated ORF product in the A2102 strain draft sequence.