Lymphocyte subset proliferation to strain 19698 WCSa

GroupProliferation by subset:
UngatedbCD4+CD8+γδ TCR+IgM+
Infected (n = 3)3,937 (422)**2,013 (524)*129 (120)1,215 (325)*1,007 (382)
Noninfected (n = 3)c59 (59)105 (97)0 (0)0 (0)496 (250)
  • a Data represent the mean (± SEM) number of cells that proliferated to 10 μg of strain 19698 WCS/ml minus the response to no stimulation per 10,000 PBMC, 286 days postchallenge. Similar responses by infected animals to strain K10 WCS at 286 days postchallenge and to strain 19698 WCS at 211 days postchallenge were also detected (data not shown). *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01, differs from responses of noninfected animals, same subset (i.e., vertical comparisons).

  • b Ungated refers to response of the total live PBMC population.

  • c Noninfected animals were of the same age, breed, sex, and herd origin as infected animals, but they were housed outdoors at a local dairy facility (infected animals were housed indoors at the National Animal Disease Center).