Rab GTPases examined and sites of action

Rab GTPaseSite(s) of actionaReference(s)
Rab1ER to Golgi, intra-Golgi65
Rab4EE to PM37, 69
Rab5PM to EE7, 23
Rab6Golgi to ER, intra-Golgi, EE to TGN22, 36, 72
Rab7EE to LE, LE to lysosome38
Rab9LE to TGN34
Rab11RE to PM, EE to TGN, TGN to PM11, 47, 52, 67, 73
  • a Abbreviations: EE, early endosome; PM, plasma membrane; LE, late endosome; RE, recycling endosome.