Effect of the in vivo-expressed gene mutation on the LD50 of V. vulnificus

StrainGenotypeLD50 (CFU/mouse)Fold increase in LD50
MO6-24/OV. vulnificus WT, a clinical isolate4.0 × 106
CMCP6V. vulnificus WT, a clinical isolate3.6 × 105
CMM1704MO6-24/O with the mutation in pyrH homolog (Vv-Ive-4)5.5 × 10714
CMM1710MO6-24/O with the mutation in hlyU homolog (Vv-Ive-10)2.1 × 10853
CMM1705CMCP6 with the mutation in purH homolog (Vv-Ive-5)8.0 × 10622