Strains used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeaComments and/or parent strainSource or reference
UAMS-904 cna pSARA transduction donor 4
RN6911 cna agr 8325-4 agr-null transduction donor 40
PC1839 cna sarA 8325-4 sarA::kan transduction donor 8
UAMS-240 cna sarA RN6390 sarA::tet transduction donorThis study
UAMS-174 geh geh::cna 21
DU1126 cna sspA 8325-4 sspA::tet transduction donorTim Foster, Trinity University
RN6390 cna 8325-4 40
UAMS-957 cna sarA RN6390This study
UAMS-982 cna agr RN6390This study
UAMS-981 cna agr sarA RN6390This study
UAMS-979 cna sarA UAMS-957 (pSARA)This study
UAMS-980 cna agr sarA UAMS-981 (pSARA)This study
DB cna hlb Blood isolate 11
UAMS-931 cna hlb sarA DBThis study
UAMS-932 cna hlb agr DBThis study
UAMS-933 cna hlb agr sarA DBThis study
UAMS-1 fnbB hlb Osteomyelitis isolate 20
UAMS-155 fnbB hlb agr UAMS-1This study
UAMS-929 fnbB hlb sarA UAMS-1This study
UAMS-930 fnbB hlb agr sarA UAMS-1This study
UAMS-969 fnbB hlb sarA UAMS-929 (pSARA)This study
UAMS-970 fnbB hlb agr sarA UAMS-930 (pSARA)This study
UAMS-962 fnbB hlb sarA sspA UAMS-1This study
UAMS-601 fnbB hlb Outbreak isolate 51
UAMS-949 fnbB hlb agr UAMS-601This study
UAMS-950 fnbB hlb sarA UAMS-601This study
UAMS-951 fnbB hlb agr sarA UAMS-601This study
UAMS-972 fnbB hlb sarA UAMS-950 (pSARA)This study
UAMS-990 fnbB hlb agr sarA UAMS-951 (pSARA)This study
SC-1 cna Outbreak isolate 22
UAMS-310 sarA SC-1This study
UAMS-311 agr SC-1This study
UAMS-318 agr sarA SC-1This study
UAMS-971 sarA UAMS-310 (pSARA)This study
UAMS-989 agr sarA UAMS-318 (pSARA)This study
S6C cna hlb Laboratory strain 50
UAMS-985 cna hlb sarA S6CThis study
UAMS-977 cna hlb agr S6CThis study
UAMS-987 cna hlb agr sarA S6CThis study
Newman cna hlb Laboratory strain 54
UAMS-988 cna hlb sarA NewmanThis study
UAMS-974 cna hlb agr NewmanThis study
UAMS-975 cna hlb agr sarA NewmanThis study
pSARApLI50sarA 4
pAZ106Gram-positive suicide vector 8
pH4pUBS1-sarA::kan 8
pDG1513Tet cassette 24
pTOPOtetpCRII-tetThis study
pH4tetpUBS1-sarA::tetThis study
pAZ-SARtetpAZ106-sarA::tetThis study
  • a Genotype descriptions are limited to chromosomal genes associated with a negative phenotype due to either mutation (agr, geh, sarA, and sspA), lysogeny (hlb), or the absence of the gene (cna and fnbB).