Characteristics of patients

Patient no.Age (yr)GenderbTreatment at surgerySputumdIndication for surgeryMacroscopic descriptioneCaseationfCavitationfFibrosisf
119FR H Z E S18PosPosPersistent TBDestroyed L lungYYY
2a17MR H Z E S Et Th Km Of18PosPosPersistent TBDestroyed R lungYYY
3a35MR H Z E Et Th Km Of Cl24PosPosPersistent TBDestroyed L lungYYY
454MR H Z E7NegNegHemoptysisDestroyed L lungNYY
559FR H Z E9NegNegHemoptysisDestroyed L lungNYY
645MR H Z E15NegNegHemoptysisDestroyed L lungNYY
  • a MDR TB.

  • b M, male; F, female.

  • c R, rifampin; H, isoniazid; Z, pyrazinamide; E, ethambutol; S, streptomycin; E, ethionamide; Th, thiacetazone; Km, kanamycin; Of, ofloxacin; Cl, clofazamine.

  • d At the time of surgery. Pos, positive; Neg, negative.

  • e R, right; L, left.

  • f Y, yes; N, no.