Strains and plasmids used in this study

StrainGenotype or descriptionAntibiotic resistanceReference or source
H. pylori
    G27Wild type 6-Nina Salama
    SS1Wild type 23-Janie O'Rourke
    SS1 motB::catSS1 motB::cat1CmThis study
    SS1 motB::km-sacSS1 motB::aphA3-sacB1KmThis study
    SS1 ΔmotBSS1 ΔmotB2This study
    G27 motB::catSS1 motB::cat1CmThis study
    G27 motB::km-sacG27 motB::aphA3-sacB1KmThis study
    G27 ΔmotBG27 ΔmotB2This study
    pBluescript KS (pBS)Cloning plasmidApStratagene
    pT7blueCloning plasmidApNovagen
    pBS-catpBS with C. coli cat geneAp, CmNina Salama
    pKSFIIpBS with aphA3 and sacB geneKm 9
    pKO114pBS with 1.2-kb motB gene from G27ApThis study
    pKO114ipKO114 with aphA3-sacB insertAp, KmThis study
    pACL14pKO114 with cat insertAp, CmThis study
    pKO124pT7blue with 2.9-kb region of SS1 genome encompassing motBApThis study
    pKO124dpKO124 with in-frame deletion of motBApThis study