Characteristics of φP27 ORFs and deduced proteins

ORF labelGene nameDirectionbLeft end position no.Right end position no.No. of amino acidsFunction of deduced proteine value% IdentityaAccession no. and sequence similarityc
L01int301343437Integrase0.070 (All)BAB19626; putative integrase, prophage VT1-Sa (E. coli)
0.070 (All)AAG57258; putative integrase, prophage CP-933V (E. coli)
L02xis1399163578Excisionase3e−1653 (66)NP_049462; putative excisionase, phage 933W (E. coli)
3e−1653 (66)NP_050501; putative excisionase, prophage VT2-Sa (E. coli)
L03179421591211e−2263 (80)BAB36434; hypothetical protein (E. coli RIMD 0509952)
2e−1360 (60)AAG57256; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933V (E. coli)
L04206825111477e−0434 (100)NP_050134; hypothetical protein, prophage φadh (Lactobacillus gasseri)
L0524803307275Proteasee−12479 (All)NP_047914; putative serine protease (Y. pestis)
L09+51065285595e−0678 (28)AAG55461; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933M (E. coli)
L1055755991138Repressor1e−0637 (69)AAC74643; DicA repressor (E. coli)
L11cI60956751218CI repressor1e−4542 (All)NP_059606; repressor C2, phage P22 (S. enterica)
L14roi+78768583235DNA binding1e−3255 (136)NP_112063; DNA-binding protein Roi, phage HK620 (E. coli)
5e−3252 (140)AAD04652; Roi, phage H-19B (E. coli)
L15+86369460274Nucleic acid binding5e−2031 (194)B82549; hypothetical protein XF2506 (X. fastidiosa)
5e−1433 (127)AAG55918; putative antirepressor, prophage CP-933N (E. coli)
8e−1438 (118)NP_046925; antirepressor AntB, phage N15 (E. coli)
L16+9457101162199e−3148 (153)S34345; hypothetical protein 179 (Shigella flexneri)
1e−1243 (112)AAG54596; putative regulator, prophage CP-933I (E. coli)
L17+1033411260308DNA binding9e−3142 (196)AAK16983; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933P (E. coli)
2e−2833 (227)AAG55470; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933M (E. coli)
L18P+1139112149252DNA replication2e−2431 (207)BAB12748; DNA replication protein DnaC (Buchnera aphidicola)
1e−2127 (210)AAG55471; DNA replication factor, prophage CP-933M (E. coli)
L19+1214613537463Helicase6e−8739 (447)NP_059611; helicase, phage P22 (S. enterica)
2e−8639 (451)NP_037740; gp55, prophage HK97 (E. coli)
L21Q+1379114171126Late antiterminator6e−2550 (119)AAG55890; Q antiterminator, prophage CP-933N (E. coli)
7e−2447 (120)O48429; antitermination protein Q, prophage H-19B (E. coli)
3e−2344 (126)CAB39299; antitermination protein Q, phage 933W (E. coli)
L22+14266154954096e−0432 (127)CAA22431; putative chromatin assembly factor (Schizosaccharomyces pombe)
L23+1571115908655e−2998 (63)AAG56133; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933O (E. coli)
4e−2896 (63)BAB35615; hypothetical protein (E. coli RIMD 0509952)
1e−1997 (49)AAG55892; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933N (E. coli)
L24dam+1605917117352DNA methylase0.086 (All)AAG56134; adenine methyltransferase, prophage CP-933O (E. coli)
0.086 (All)BAB35203; DNA methylase (E. coli RIMD 0509952)
2e−8155 (282)NP_046948; adenine-specific methylase, phage N15 (E. coli)
L25stxA2e+1750218461319rRNA N-glycosidase0.099 (All)CAA57173; Stx2e, A subunit (E. coli)
L26stxB2e+184741873787Receptor binding3e−44100 (All)CAA57176; Stx2e, B subunit (E. coli)
L271878818985652e−2896 (61)CAC05562; hypothetical protein (E. coli T4/97)
5e−2596 (55)CAC05572; hypothetical protein (E. coli H.I.8)
L28S+1911419548144Holin8e−0636 (86)AAF80841; ORF 89, prophage D3 (Pseudomonas aeruginosa)
0.00228 (123)BAA36235; holin ORF 9, phage φCTX (P. aeruginosa)
L29S+195381981391Holin0.00534 (85)H83531; hypothetical protein PA0909 (P. aeruginosa)
0.04932 (86)BAA36236; holin ORF 10, phage φCTX (P. aeruginosa)
L30R+1981620193125Endolysin3e−2548 (All)CAA09701; endolysin gp 19, phage PS3 (S. enterica serovar Typhimurium)
3e−1238 (119)AAC38580; peptidoglycan lytic enzyme (Listeria monocytogenes)
L34+21394217441161e−3762 (All)CAB58450; hypothetical protein ORF 7 (Xenorhabdus nematophilus)
2e−1139 (111)AAB59284; putative holin, prophage φ105 (B. subtilis)
L35+2186022330156Terminase small subunit2e−1131 (138)AAG50266; hypothetical protein, phage GMSE-1 (Sodalis)
2e−0731 (96)AAG55950; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933C (E. coli)
2e−0731 (96)BAB35020; terminase small subunit (E. coli RIMD 0509952)
L36+2234524057570Terminase large subunite−17877 (293)P75978; hypothetical protein YmfN (E. coli)
e−14145 (All)NP_061498; terminase, phage D3 (P. aeruginosa)
L37+2406924251602e−2795 (All)P75979; hypothetical protein YmfR (E. coli)
L38+2425125492413Portal protein5e−6384 (135)P75980; hypothetical protein YmfO (E. coli)
4e−5233 (372)NP_108600; head portal protein (M. loti)
1e−4432 (375)NP_037699; portal protein, phage HK97 (E. coli)
L39+2547026120216Prohead protease2e−2440 (172)AAF13181; putative prohead protease (Rhodobacter capsulatus)
2e−1835 (196)NP_037665; head maturation protease, prophage HK022 (E. coli)
L40+2613427357407Major capsid protein2e−7336 (All)NP_108602; phage major capsid protein gp36 (M. loti)
2e−5834 (All)AAF27364; phage φC31 gp36-like protein (H. influenzae)
L41+27404277271076e−0429 (104)AAG55948; hypothetical protein, prophage CP-933C (E. coli)
L44+2935830854498Tail sheath protein5e−7835 (All)P44233; putative tail sheath protein, prophage FLUMU (H. influenzae)
7e−7535 (All)NP_050643; sheath protein gpL, phage Mu (E. coli)
L47+3162433573649Tail length determinator9e−4126 (493)F82769; tail protein XF0730 (X. fastidiosa)
3e−1322 (473)NP_046782; putative tail length determinator gpT, phage P2 (E. coli)
L48+3358934980463DNA binding1e−2326 (450)P71389; DNA circulation protein, prophage FLUMU (H. influenzae)
3e−823 (479)NP_050647; DNA circulation protein N, phage Mu (E. coli)
L49+34977360323514e−4030 (All)NP_050648; tail protein P, phage Mu (E. coli)
L50+3603236565177Baseplate assembly3e−1231 (170)AAF41502; putative baseplate assembly protein V (Neisseria meningitidis)
3e−1126 (174)NP_050649; baseplate assembly protein gp45, phage Mu (E. coli)
L51+36571369841374e−1440 (130)BAB38409; hypothetical protein (E. coli RIMD 0509952)
8e−1141 (112)NP_050650; gp46, phage Mu (E. coli)
L52+36977380593603e−7855 (260)P75981; hypothetical protein YmfP, prophage E14 (E. coli)
1e−2931 (330)NP_050651; gp47, phage Mu (E. coli)
L53+38059386491962e−5955 (194)P75982; hypothetical protein YmfQ, prophage E14 (E. coli)
1e−0526 (182)NP_050652; gp48, phage Mu (E. coli)
L54+3863639634332Tail fiber protein2e−3339 (247)A42463; hypothetical protein Bcv (Shigella boydii)
7e−2031 (305)NP_046775; putative tail fiber protein gpH, phage P2 (E. coli)
L55+3963740185182Tail fiber assembly3e−3740 (All)C42463; hypothetical protein B177 (S. boydii)
2e−2936 (All)NP_050654; tail fiber assembly protein U, phage Mu (E. coli)
L56+4020941681490Tail fiber protein2e−2032 (235)BAB35654; putative tail fiber protein (E. coli RIMD 0509952)
3e−2032 (235)AAK16943; putative tail fiber protein, prophage CP-933P (E. coli)
L57+41678422441885e−2935 (All)AAF63233; ORF 191A, prophage P-EibA (E. coli)
  • a Numbers in parentheses represent the whole number of amino acids from which the sequence identity is calculated. All, whole length identity. Empty fields in the table indicate that no homologous sequences were available.

  • b −, lower strand; +, upper strand.

  • c The GenBank database was used for homolog searches.