Survival of primary and secondary LVS infection by IL-12 p35 KO micea

Mouse straini.d. dose of LVS on day 0 (primary infection) (CFU)No. of deaths/totali.p. dose of LVS on day 30 (secondary challenge) (CFU)No. of deaths/totalBacterial clearance by day 90
C57BL/6J0 (PBS only)0/55 × 1065/5NA
1052/55 × 1060/3Yes
1060/55 × 1061/5Yes
3 × 1062/85 × 1060/4bYes
1071/55 × 1060/4Yes
C57-p35 KO1050/55 × 1061/5Yes
1061/55 × 1060/4Yes
3 × 1062/85 × 1060/4bYes
1075/55 × 106NANA
  • a The indicated mice were infected on day 0 i.d. with the indicated dose of LVS; actual doses were confirmed by plate count at the time of infection. On day 30 after primary infection, surviving mice were lethally challenged with 5 × 106 (500,000 LD50s) CFU of LVS i.p. On day 90 (60 days after secondary challenge), surviving mice were sacrificed and assessed for bacterial burdens. The limit of detection was 50 CFU/organ (1.7 logs). NA, not applicable. The results of two independent experiments, with either five or eight mice per group, are shown.

  • b Because some mice were sacrificed for use in other experiments, only the total shown were challenged.