Vaccine antigen-specific ASC responses in volunteers receiving the LT/CS6 combination (n = 19)

ASC typeNo. of responders (%)aMedian no. of ASCs/106 PBMC (range)b
Anti-LT IgG15 (79)9 (1.3-49)
Anti-LT IgA7 (37)2.4 (1.3-46)
Anti-CS6 IgG7 (37)6 (1.7-77)
Anti-CS6 IgA8 (42)2.4 (1.7-12)
  • a A positive ASC response was defined as a ≥2-fold increase over baseline value of the ASCs per 106 PBMC, when the number of ASCs was ≥0.5 per 106 PBMC in the baseline sample. If the number of preimmune ASCs was less than 0.5 per 106 PBMC, a value of >1.0 per 106 PBMC after dosing was considered a positive response.

  • b Only positive responses were included when calculating the median number of ASCs (range).