Distribution of tRNA-associated elements within the salmonellaea

Salmonella subspecies (strain)Presence of hybridization signal
I (SARC 1)++++++
I (SARC 2)++++++++
II (SARC 3)++++
II (SARC 4)++++
IIIa (SARC 5)+++++
IIIa (SARC 6)+++++
IIIb (SARC 7)+++NDb
IIIb (SARC 8)++++
IV (SARC 9)+++ND
IV (SARC 10)+++++
V (SARC 11)+++
V (SARC 12)+++
VI (SARC 13)++++
VI (SARC 14)++++
VII (SARC 15)+++++
VII (SARC 16)++++ND
  • a The SARC collection, representing S. enterica subspecies I, II, IIIa, IIIb, IV, VI, and VII and S. bongori, was analyzed for the presence of apeE and orf0557 (tRNAArgU), pgtE and nupC (tRNAArgW), sspH2 and msgA (tRNAProL), and vexE and pilV (tRNAPheU).

  • b ND, not clearly distinguishable.