tRNA insertion sites of DNA elements within the SARC collection representing S. enterica subspecies I, II, IIIa, IIIb, IV, VI, and VII and S. bongori subspecies V

Salmonella subspecies (strain)Presence of PCR productsa
I (SARC 1)++++
I (SARC 2)++(+)
II (SARC 3)+++
II (SARC 4)++
IIIa (SARC 5)++(+)
IIIa (SARC 6)++
IIIb (SARC 7)++
IIIb (SARC 8)++
IV (SARC 9)+(+)(+)
IV (SARC 10)++(+)
V (SARC 11)++
V (SARC 12)+
VI (SARC 13)+(+)+
VI (SARC 14)++(+)
VII (SARC 15)++
VII (SARC 16)++(+)
  • a (+), PCR products with a size different from that obtained with S. enterica serovar Typhimurium