Association between Lewis blood group phenotypes of the BC children and symptomatic and asymptomatic infections with ETEC expressing different CFs

CF (toxin ratio) expressed by ETECType of ETEC infectionNo. (%) of children with indicated phenotypePb
Le(a+b−) (n = 41)aLe(a−b+) (n = 102)
CFA/I (LT:ST:LT/ST = 0:36:5)Symptomatic7 (17)6 (6)0.075
Asymptomatic9 (22)19 (19)NS
CFA/I group fimbriae (CFA/I, CS14, and CS17) (LT:ST:LT/ST = 8:55:10)Symptomatic11 (27)11 (11)0.032
Asymptomatic13 (32)38 (37)NS
CFA/I group including strains co-expressing CS3 (CFA/I, CS14, CS17, CS1+CS3, and CS2+CS3) (LT:ST:LT/ST = 10:69:18)Symptomatic18 (44)16 (16)<0.001
Asymptomatic16 (40)47 (46)NS
CFA/II group (CS3 only, CS1+CS3, and CS2+CS3) (LT:ST:LT/ST = 2:15:12)Symptomatic10 (24)5 (5)0.002
Asymptomatic5 (12)9 (9)NS
CS6 (CS6 only and CS5+CS6 strains) (LT:ST:LT/ST = 3:38:18)Symptomatic8 (20)17 (17)NS
Asymptomatic9 (22)25 (25)NS
  • a A total of 143/179 children with Le(a−b+) and Le(a+b−) blood groups had an ETEC infection; we excluded 24 Le(a−b−) and 12 non-ETEC-infected children from this analysis.

  • b Statistical analysis was done for the relationship between children with the Le(a−b+) phenotype and children with the Le(a+b−) phenotype. NS, not statistically significant.