Inhibition of binding of CS6 to Fn on competition with different regions of CssA and CssB

ProteinPeptide used for inhibitionaPositionbInhibition of binding to Fn (%)cP value
CssAPep A1VYPVYDEDYG57-661.32 ± 0.150.865
Pep A2VDDKGRKMLKDH85-967.95 ± 0.530.419
Pep A3NYTSGDKEIPPGIYN112-12679.47 ± 3.8<0.05
CssBPep B1:NYDSDPKL32-391.99 ± 0.220.79
Pep B2:VNNPDQNMNYYIRKD78-9212.58 ± 0.740.249
  • a Peptides were designed based on surface-exposed, flexible stretches of each subunit using the PLOTSTRUCTURE program of Discovery Studio.

  • b Position in mature protein based on gene sequence.

  • c Calculated with respect to the control, in which binding of CS6 was monitored. CssB peptides were used a negative control. Data represent means ± standard errors of the means from four independent experiments (P < 0.05).